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This month I got to speak to the awesome duo that is JN Sounds, wedding DJ extraordinaires! Two guys that know a thing or two about having a damn good party and what tunes should be played to get that dance floor filled.

A decent party atmosphere is pretty important at a wedding. After your first dance finishes, you need a plan to ensure those feet stay put (well actaully, the feet need to very much keep moving, but just in one particular area!).

Dan and Jon offer some great advice on what to think about when choosing your wedding DJ.

Go ahead, introduce yourselves...

We are Dan and Jon, and we are JN Sounds – an award winning wedding DJ service based in Hertfordshire. 

Photo credit: Josh Sherwood

What do you bring to a wedding that differs from other DJ's...

As a wedding DJ duo we strive to create a unique, unforgettable wedding DJ experience by making the most of the two of us throughout the day.  We interact with guests and try to make everything as fun as possible, including mini games and using music to personalise certain aspects of the day where appropriate.

Can you tailor your services...

Of course!  We don’t bore couples too much on the technical side of what we offer but we do offer different lighting options. We focus more on how we aim to create a stress-free experience where everyone is dancing and having fun. We tailor to a couples individual desires by really getting to know them and know their likes and dislikes.  This is an extremely important part of our process. By getting to know couples leading up to their wedding day we get to understand how they really want their big day to flow and feel.  Incorporating anything out of the ordinary is always encouraged to create a unique day. We will always work with couples to make their ideas come to life!

How long do your couples have you for and how far do you travel...

We offer an evening only service, afternoon and evening, or all day service including ceremony music.  This means we can be in attendance at weddings for 12 hours or more sometimes.
We tend to offer our service to Hertfordshire and surrounding counties, but we can travel further depending on the location.

How far in advance should couples book...

We would recommend getting in touch at least 6 months to a year prior.  Any less and it could be cutting it short, certain dates and months quickly get booked up!

Do you work alongside bands...

Yes, we have worked with bands on many occasions.  And when doing so we will always liaise with them in advance of the day.  This is to ensure logistically that we all know what is going on and where each of us will be setting up.  But also so we can talk about music to avoid playing the same songs as each other!

What final piece of advice can you give...

The biggest piece of advice we could give is make sure you meet up with DJs before hand.  Get to know them. They will be playing a huge part in your day so you need to click with each other.  Ensure they understand your desires too, see what they have to offer that will bring your desires to life.

And don’t be afraid of doing things differently, weddings don’t all have to be the same! Don’t get caught up too much in traditions if they are not your thing, do things how you want to do them.
So there you have it!

Everything you need to know about DJ’s and in particular JN Sounds.

I have had the pleasure of working with these two before and I can tell you, they certainly know how to kick off a party. I was dead impressed with their reception entertainment, certainly not just two guys that play music. How they interact with the crowd and get guests involved was fab. In particularly, how well they know their couple and their clear love for what they do. Well worth a booking! Get in touch with them for more information.

And of course, if you are still looking for a photographer, I would love to hear from you too. Crazy dance floor vibes are right up my street. Go on, get in touch.