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To throw or not to throw - a confetti conundrum...

Let’s talk confetti!

I’m not a massive fan of the old school wedding traditions, I much prefer the individual touch and a creative streak.

There are however a few traditions I still rave about… not seeing each other before the ceremony (build up that anticipation!), speeches (creates the most wonderful reactions and is so funny to hear secrets that are no longer so secret!) and for me, the creme de la creme, confetti!

More than one way...

You can stand in the centre of all your guests and be showered under one massive cloud or make the moment last a little longer and walk under an archway of falling confetti, the choice is yours. Both are equally as fun and colourful as each other. 

It’s just a huge explosion of colour! Arms bursting all over the place, the biggest smiles from everyone and loud cheers, all for you! What’s not to like?

Granted you may get the odd bit down your cleavage and in your mouth AND in your hair AANNDD in your drink… but that’s a small price to pay for the most amazing pictures.

So much choice...

It comes in all shapes, sizes and colours! The brighter the better. And lots of things work… glitter, rice, rose petals, biodegradable dried flowers, pom poms, confetti canons, bubles… it all looks pretty.

One tip I will give is you can never have enough. Buy what you think you need, then triple it. It’s relatively inexpensive (as far as everything else you will pay out for) and really will have such an awesome impact on your day and ultimately in your pictures.

It’s well worth having a chat with your venue and whether they have restrictions on throwing confetti. Many will allow biodegradable confetti, other venue’s will allow you to throw any type of confetti, as long as it’s away from the main entrance. Either way, if a shot like this is important to you, we should be able to find some way to make it happen.

As you can see from my images, confetti works in all types of scenarios using all types of things. If it rains, go outside with brollies. If it really rains hard, do it inside! Not allowed paper confetti, use dried flowers or biodegradeable. Don’t like the thought of being covered in small pieces of paper, have bubbles blown at you. Just make sure you have fun doing it!

I would love to capture your day, especially the confetti throwing part! If you need a wedding photographer, please get in touch.