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The journey we take... wedding to newborn

It just hit me that I have a bloody privileged position. Like, really special stuff! Weddings and newborns are a big deal right!

I get to be a part of some of the most amazing, emotional and scary times of your life and that’s pretty epic!

As a photographer, my job is to capture your moments. To do that, I have to be in those moments with you. Not ‘in the way’, but ‘in the moment’. There when things are crazy, there when things are emotional, there when heads are flung back with laughter and there when dance moves like you’ve never seen before are being busted on the dance floor.

And then, for some, there’s the next chapter in your life. The pitter patter of tiny feet and the tug on your heart strings like you’ve never felt before. The first few days with your new human. The little human that changes so quickly. And I am back with you capturing this part too and it’s just wonderful. Watching you grow as a family and your love spread from two to three (or more!!).

I see all that! I give you those memories. And the best thing… you chose me to do it. So I can’t thank you enough.

Just this week, one day after the other, I had two couples booked in for newborn shoots. Both couples had also had me for their weddings too. So in one week, I got to witness my couples transform into families and wedding images turn to baby ones.

I’m sure there’s not many jobs that give you this much joy. Make you smile as much as I do. Create friendships from clients. Challenge you creatively, in different ways for each job.

I’m a lucky lass and I couldn’t do it without you lovely lot, so THANK YOU!

Here’s some images from my last two couples and their gorgeous new additions, Myla and Martha. Pair of beauts x

Myla’s shoot was my posed newborn shoot and Martha’s was my newborn lifestyle. As you can see, they give two rather different looks to the images but both capture the essence of a newborn beautifully.

If you would like a newborn shoot or are currently looking for a wedding photographer, it would be lovely to hear from you.