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Why I aim to become the photographer that feels like a guest…

So let’s clarify, off the bat, that by benefits, I mean my photography skills! No other ‘services’ will be provided, ok!

And now, let’s delve in to why my aim is to act more like a guest at your wedding than a supplier. It goes without saying, choosing the right style photographer is really important as they will be capturing your forever moments. But what if your photographer could be more than just a professional behind the camera? What if they could slide seamlessly into your wedding day, making it feel like you’ve gained an extra guest who happens to be banging with a camera. That’s exactly what I aim to bring to your day with my chilled, fun and real approach.


I’ll arrive bringing the energy and smiles, obviously. But I start with a total ‘in the background’ approach… no posing, no structured moments… just me, snapping away and getting to know the room whilst you get ready for your day. Your photography should reflect you and your day, not a bunch of orchestrated moments dictated to you… let’s keep it genuine!

Want to know my plan of action…

Blend In Like a Guest

  • Bants and chats: From the moment I arrive, I chat with everyone as if I were another guest. I love having a laugh with people, getting their true personalities to shine and capturing some natural giggles. Being this relaxed helps people feel comfortable with me there and those unposed moments just keep happening.

Never saying ‘do that again’

  • Always watching: Keeping my eye out for the fun, the intimacy and everything in between means I snap a lot of gorgeousness throughout the day and night as it happens. Authenticity is key, so I won’t be asking for you to repeat things, I plan to nail it in the moment. Even the group shots are a hoot!

Photography and beyond!

  • A Helping Hand: Generally, you’ll find me doing more than just taking pictures. Need a quick hair fix? I have kirby grips. Rings need to get to the ceremony? I’ll deliver them. Veil is starting to get on your wick? I’ll whip it out for you. I’ll always be there for whatever you might need, helping to make your day run smoothly. Offering a calming presence or cracking a joke to relieve tension or just stepping back to give you space… whatever is needed.


Your wedding day is a big deal. You’ve planned, made, organised and bought for months.  Your photographer should feel like an integral part of the celebration without ever taking over. With my informal and fun approach, I aim to be more than just your photographer – I want to enhance your day, capture it authentically and support you in every way possible. I’d love to hear from you about your wedding plans if this sounds like your kinda thing!