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Morning of the big day

South Farm, what a venue!

The morning of your wedding is a pretty exciting time because let’s face it, you’ve put a lot of thought in to getting there. And perhaps a little nervy for some, although you wouldn’t have said this for Corinne. She was loving every moment of the mornings hustle and bustle and chattering and general excited buzz.

It’s pretty special when you see two families coming together, just like Corinne’s and Simon’s. So much love and support for these two, which is just how it should be.

Morning prep coverage allows you to get used to the camera by the time couple shots and other bits come along. Also, they capture your full day from beginning to end. Some real great memories to look back on without any gaps, seems like a no brainer to me. It’s not intrusive because I dip in and out between the couple, guests and venue, so there’s never a camera stuck permanently in your face. It also really helps with the bond we form too. I get to hear funny stories, work out personalities and get closer to you so everything feels a lot more natural.

They only went and did it!

They chose to get married outside at South Farm (I leapt for joy when I got this news!). There’s nothing better than a great view. In this instance, guests sat overlooking the summerhouse that floats above the lily pond. So plenty of natural light for drop dead gorgeous pictures, bonus!

Corinne was walked down the aisle by her lovely sis, showing that traditions are not needed or expected. In Corinne’s case, sadly her dad is no longer with us but this is a choice you still get to make if they are!

One of the best bits about South Farm is they are thumbs up to confetti. So much so that they even supply it! So with all the guests taking fist fulls of the stuff and lining up the driveway, Simon and Corinne paraded through them whilst getting showered with colour. I’ve said it before and I will say it over and over, it really is my fav part of the day. Almost beaten by dodgy dance moves and guests having lots of fun… but the confetti still pips it!

An afternoon of fun

The reception saw guests relaxing around the lawns with deck chairs and alcoholic ice cream whilst the sun shone. It was bloody glorious and gave me loads of opportunities for some bootiful shots. So many couples ask for the relaxed, candids shots so with a setting like this, I wasn’t short of pickings.

During the speeches, Simon and Corinne treated their guests to some really beautiful words to each other. Words that they would also be reading to another set of friends and family at a second ceremony a few weeks later. It was fab that everyone got to hear them.

The meal ended by a farmer turning up and announcing that duck herding would be their next bit of entertainment. Rather a surprise for the guests. What a hoot to see (the newly changed) bride and groom using dogs to heard ducks through gates and into a pen. Some success, a lot of giggling and a really fab time. Not something I have seen before at a wedding, probably unlikely to see again too but it was ace. It’s always great to be treated to something a little different to capture, certainly what I love in my couples.

Party, party, party!

After a third outfit change (and why not), Corinne appeared at the reception looking darn sexy! A silver, shimmery number and hair down.

Not ones for dance floors or loud music vibes, the couple spent a lovely evening between the bar and chatting with friends. It was exactly they way they wanted their day to go and I couldn’t be happier for them. Obviously that didn’t stop some guests busting out some moves and naturally I was there to snap it.

Getting married and need a photographer? I’d love to hear from you, so give me a shout.