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Pre wedding shoot - A snowy adventure with Ellie and Aaron


Feeling a bit unsure of how your wedding day pictures might go… Ellie and Aaron were. So they booked in a pre wedding shoot.

The perfect way to realise that being with me, in front of the camera, is not that scary after all!

The benefits to a couples shoot


Sometimes we can overthink having our picture taken. How to smile, where to look, how to stand. What happens when we do this… the pictures can become stiff and awkward. So the benefit to having a pre wedding shoot is to iron out any concerns and have a great time in front of the camera.

Speaking to Ellie and Aaron...


Before we started, I spoke to Ellie and Aaron about the pre wedding shoot and told them that the session would feel more ‘staged’ than it will on their wedding day. That didn’t mean that I would have a camera right up in their face throughout and be telling them how to stand and where to put their hands!

Oh no! It simply meant the because it was just the two of them, they would naturally be more aware of the camera. Whereas, on their wedding day, there will be so much going on, they will barely notice me! So if they can handle this shoot (which they did, with ease!), then the wedding day would be a breeze!

The result


At the end of the pre wedding shoot, I asked Ellie and Aaron how they thought the session went and they both agreed that it had been fun and not awkward like they had expected. They can now breathe easy, not only do they know what to expect on their big day but they are going to enjoy it too!

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