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First of the year

Bassmead, Melissa and Garry were my first wedding of the year… and what a way to kick it off.

The most unassuming, loveliest of couples. Melissa and Garry booked me relatively close to their wedding but that made no difference to how well we got on when we met and on the big day. They were just so super cute and I instantly warmed to them.

The organising of the wedding was a family affair. Melissa had great support from her mum and sisters helping her along each step of the way. Sister Harriet made their gorgeous wedding cake and mum was on hand to sort all the bouquets and button holes.

In true Girl Guide mode (I really was one once upon a time!), I was on hand with spare pins for the button holes and delivery service of one child, two rings and some other odd jobs. I love being able to help with the flow of things where possible, always ensuring that the pictures don’t suffer as a result.

Melissa spent the morning of the wedding getting ready in Bassmead’s gorgeous bridal boutique and Garry was with his lads over in Dove Cottage. It’s such a bonus to be able to get ready at the venue, it saves time, cuts any transport costs and prevents pre-ceremony wind blown hair!

Charlotte was the coordinator for the day at Bassmead… she’s awesome! You can tell the couple loved her and that she loved being there for them. High five lady!

Melissa looked blooming’ gorgeous in her Ivory and Lace gown… it was like it was made for her. She literally glowed from top to bottom, Garry is one lucky man! Speaking of Garry, it has to be said that he and his lads did look fab in their suits from Next. I had yet another giggle at watching guys tie ties! Nothing like the pressure of being photographed to put you off your Windsor knot!

Time to get married

It’s fair to say the nerves were rattling around a little. I have to say, I love seeing this! It just goes to show how much it means to couples, the day they say I do is here after all the planning and the anticipation of seeing their partner all dolled up. I also like being a voice of calm and reassurance and capturing such special moments.

Melissa had a beautiful moment with her dad as they were walking down the aisle of the Rickety Barn at Bassmead. Dom from Dom Plays Sax set the mood beautifully. They stopped briefly for dad to give her a peck on the check and then continued down to Garry. The two quietly said their words to each other in front of their loved ones and before long at all, they were hitched! Time to get up that aisle to Charlotte with the pretty tray, holding their congrats drinks!

I can never not mention confetti if it happens at any of my weddings! And I am over the moon to report they had shed loads of it. We had confetti clouds a plenty and I’m in love with the images from that walk through their guests.

Getting married in the winter months, you sign up for the cold and get on with it. Having a dry day is a bonus and that’s exactly what they got. We cracked on with the group shots outside (which they kept to a minimum anyway… perfect!) and then I whisked the two of them off for some couple shots, which they smashed.

The grounds at Bassmead are always a treat, I love shooting there, always have, always will.

Food, fun and frolicking

I was kept well entertained with the kids in the afternoon. Kicking balls, throwing paper aeroplanes, being offered polos (which were the favours for the guests, covered in a diamanté wrap, by Melissa’s mum).

Speeches went very well. Dad was very sweet to Melissa, Garry’s brother was not so much towards Garry! Poor sod!

Bassmead delivered on the food front as usual. Another delicious meal made by Galloping Gourmet that was not on anyone’s plate for long. That (and the bar), fuelled the way to a night of dancing and singing.

Rob from Strobe Disco created a fab atmosphere with the lighting and music. I’m not shy to admit I was shaking my hips about as I was snapping the dancers. Melissa and Garry were joined by Florence, their beautiful daughter for the first dance, a super cute moment.

I had a blast. I loved the atmosphere and enjoyed every moment with this couple. Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding a Bassmead.