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Handy tips for your wedding

Now I’m not going to profess to being the font of all knowledge when it comes to weddings, but I have done my fair share and it seems the same pesky little problems occur at a most of them.
So what are these re-occuring niggles…

It's a tie

Tying a cravat has to be one of the most common. Some of the attempts I have seen are quite frankly laughable (yup, I did actually laugh at them!) Make sure you have at least one groomsmen who can do it for himself and the rest of lads. At the very least, have a tutorial video ready to go on YouTube! I’m not a huge fan of everything being uniformed, however, you will look like a comedy sketch if all your cravats are different shapes and sizes.

Not to be sniffed at

Folding the pocket handkerchief. I know it’s a tiny piece of fabric but it can still look out of place if is not done right! Simply stuffing it into your jacket pocket isn’t going to work. It may be worth chatting to your suit hire company and getting them to show you how. And please note… these are for decorative purposes only and not designed to take any snot!

Left or right

Another item we wear at weddings that causes a lot of confusion is buttonholes. Often I have seen the mother of the bride swapping it from one side to the other to try and work out what looks right. Well, the correct way is ladies to the right and guys to the left. But lets face it, it’s a pretty flower so wherever you stick it (careful now!) is going to look gorgeous! One more tip for the guys, don’t stick it in or over the actual button hole of the jacket, invariably it’s way too high and you’ll have petals up your nose! And the last tip for the ladies is generally the buttonhole is worn upside down. This helps the flower stay against your body rather than cliff hanging off your boobs!

Hands off

As much as it pains me to say this, air kissing saves a lot of issues. I’m a big hugger myself but I also appreciate all the money you have spent on your wedding and the last thing you want it squished buttonholes, a veil pulled out of your gorgeous hair do and lipstick marks across your perfectly polished cheeks! If however you don’t care about all that and are a big hugger too, then go for it, hug and smooch away, it makes for great pictures.

Drop 'em

If you have a strapless dress you’re going to want to drop those bra straps off your shoulders first thing in the morning, or better yet, wear a strapless bra or nothing at all.The last thing you want poking out the top of your frock is the indents of your bra straps! Similarly, if you have a short dress, don’t wear sock in the morning. Sock marks on your ankles are just as bad!

Get a grip

Spare hair grips are a must. As tight as that hair do may start in the morning, it may find a way of freeing itself throughout the day. Have a few spare hair grips in your bridesmaids bag so you can pin any strays right back in place. That way, your evening guests get to see the same hair do that you started with.

About the pout

It’s a good idea to ask your make up artist if you get to keep the lipstick she uses on you. If not find out the make and shade and go buy it! That way, you’ll have the perfect pout all day! Keep it handy in your bridesmaids bag (those girls come in handy) so when it comes to the portraits, you can get a quick top up.

Flats have their uses

Pack some flats! Seriously. If your in heels and we need to go off roading to get to a great spot for pictures, you’ll thank me! Firstly, no snapped ankles and secondly, no mud between your toes and thirdly, no wrecked shoes! Most dresses will hide them if you don’t want them seen.

Save your soles

On the subject of heels, wear them in before the big day. There’s nothing worse than a hobbling bride down the aisle because the blisters have appeared 10 minutes into wearing them. Washing up in heels surely makes it more fun! If you’re keeping your outfit a secret, don’t forget to take them off before your partner arrives home.

Leave it in our hands

Don’t be tempted to plan every pose or image you want from your day. You pick a photographer for their style and flair. Let them do the creative work for you. I always meet my couples a few times before the big day, so I have a pretty accurate idea on their style.

Think small

When it comes to group shots, it really is the fewer the better! Try and stick to around six or under. I would definitely say don’t go above ten. You’ll be faking the smiles otherwise, I promise! There will be plenty of candid photos of your guests throughout the day, so rather than standing by the side of them staring at a photographer, stand with them and chat.

Think of the colour

After just telling you to think small, now think BIG! Confetti has to be my all time highlight of the day. The colour, the cheers, the laughter, the huge smiles and burst of arms into the air. You can’t beat it. If you are doing a confetti shot (and you simply must!), get loads and them some more and then a bit more on top! Then you may just about have enough!