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You get a call from Jade at Hushabye Films and before you get details, it’s a YES!

This lady has shit hot talent and I love working with her. Her concept was a vibrant, urban shoot in Shoreditch and I was jumping off my seat with excitement!

On board was some equally talented people. Florals Flowers and Foliage made the bouquet and button holes which were complimented perfectly with the stunning floral crown from Sophie and Luna.

I think it’s fair to say we all lost a bit of time that morning just standing and staring (and secretly wishing to try on) the dresses supplied by Poppy Perspective. The boho and vintage inspired designs and materials were just perfect.

Vintage Suit Hire supplied their Harrogate suit, a grey feint herringbone pattern that complimented the colour palette of the dress and flowers and rocked in Shoreditch.

Finishing the dress and floral crown off beautifully was the veil from Sash and Veil. In fact, two veils popped in together to create a subtle multi-tonal effect.

Finally, on the list of awesome people is Emma Morris, make up artist. She gave the bride a chic look with gold eyes and bright lips and kept her hair simple and elegant.

Overall, Emma (our very own SHIPWRECKED star) and Festus Jnr looked smokin’ hot and their journey around Shoreditch was EPIC!

Shoreditch baby!!!

Shoreditch offers treat after treat after treat. I think I’m in love with every part of it. The vibrancy, the amazing street art, the secret alleyways, the gorgeous backdrops, the eclectic shop fronts!

Emma was a legend. She managed a few hours in chilly temps with just that stunning dress and the occasional cuddle from Festus Jnr to keep warm, yet beamed and giggled all the way through. Both their personalities and fun vibes were on top form throughout, couldn’t have asked for better.

We visited some of the iconic spots in Shoreditch and were treated to many bright, vibrant pieces of wall art along the way.

Saying I DO in Shoreditch?

Are you planning a wedding in Shoreditch? If so, Hushabye Films and Nicki Shea Photography would love to hear from you.

We are an energetic, off the peg, quirky duo who know how to capture weddings the right way! With passion, with laughs, without interruption. So give us a shout, we’d love to chat to you.