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Don't go stale, go to Snap!

I love that my job allows me to be creative, have fun and give unique memories to some pretty awesome people. But sometimes, things just go a bit stale. The creative juices flow a little slower and I start looking for some fresh ideas.

Two years ago, I was on the search for some inspiration and some general help with my business. A friend of mine introduced me to Snap.

Having never been to any kind of photography workshop / retreat / community gathering, I was sceptical of Snap and if honest, a little unsure of acceptance. Their work was off the chart. When you’re already felling a little ‘meh’, the last thing you need is a confidence knock.

Only went and did it

So, tentatively, I joined the Snap community page, said hi to some people. Some really lovely people.

It really wasn’t long before I realised this was a place where there was no judgement, no criticism, no creative boundaries.

Getting a real feel for this supportive group made me want more. So, stepping waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, I booked on to attend the 2017 Snap Festival and meet them face to face.

Day one… aaarrrrgh! Am I really doing this. Wary and worried, I met a whole bunch of people I didn’t know. Forgetting names the minute I was told them. Feeling like I wanted to be somewhere familiar. Honestly, it was not a good feeling.

Day two, three and four… woooohoooooooo! What on earth was day one all about! These people, my god, they’re bloody fantastic. Truly, the most down to earth, creative group I have met. I laughed, drank, sat around fire pits, ate healthily, had proper head space time, attended workshops, captured some beautiful styled shoots… it was so full on but so rewarding and fulfilling.

Day five… is it really time to go home! To think how nervous I was about going to The Snap Festival and now I was at the last day and didn’t want it to end.

Take time for you

Snap isn’t just about learning, it’s so much more.

It’s about taking time out to heal the mind and body. About realising you’re stronger than you think and pushing yourself to achieve more. It’s about a community of likeminded people that you can bounce ideas off and help out without ever feeling silly. And about reinvesting in yourself, so you and your business can flourish.

Needless to say, I wanted more. So 2018, I was back and once again, I was loving it.

To all photographers out there, without doubt we all hit a little creative wall from time to time and we all need to take some time for ourselves too. I can not recommend this group and this festival highly enough. You need to experience this! Go take a look at their website, see the laughter and the love for yourself. Then go book on for 2019!

Thank you Laura for creating all this!

And this is what we got up to

Here’s some snaps from the 2017 Snap Festival, come join us

Images by Voyteck