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Love what you see but wanna know what it’s going to cost you?

here’s the low down

Let’s face facts, weddings ain’t cheap and neither are my packages but they are an investment. Your paying for my experience, skills and time for one! But there’s so much more than that… help throughout the lead up to the big day, security in knowing I’m fully insured with professional equipment, a wingwoman that goes above and beyond to make your day and your images the most fun they could be, time with you on the day and all the hours of editing afterwards… the list is endless but it’s so much more than just rocking up and photographing the wedding.  


“I think my heart just exploded. I LOVE THEM!”

– Rosie and Toby

Package 1

‘ooh ahh just a little bit’

I will be with you from morning preps through to just as you sit down to eat. Snapping away at every opportunity to capture as much of your day as humanly possible. Minimal intervention and direction throughout… my main aim is to give you natural, candid, real shots!

Watcha get:

You get all of your images on a USB in a funky, personalised can, coverage from morning preps through to just before you eat and an online wedding gallery to share with friends and family with download feature.


£2000 for 2024 enquiries
£2100 for 2025 enquiries


Package 2

‘ooh ahh a little bit more’

I will be with you from morning preps through to your first dance (and a few boogies afterwards). With full day coverage, you get quite a few more of those candid shots and all the fun from start to finish. Morning preps starts two hours before your ceremony through to an hour after your first dance. With minimal intervention and direction throughout, it means you get very natural photos showing your day how it really happened.

Watcha get:

You get all of your images on a USB in a funky, personalised can, an online wedding gallery to share with friends and family with download feature and full day coverage.


£2500 for 2024 enquiries
£2600 for 2025 enquiries


Package 3

‘we know what you’ve been looking for’

Film and photography… the whole shebang! Jade and I, even though we say it ourselves, are a dream team. Photography and film duo’s are a great way of ensuring you have suppliers that get on like a house on fire, have the same work ethic and capture the day in the same energetic style.

Literally a kick arse team that will have as much fun as you do on your day, capturing all the good bits and leaving you with an epic story from your wedding.

Get all the feels with us. Images that capture the shenanigans and film that make you relive the feels.

We are two independent businesses, paid for separately but we’re a banging team!


Watcha get:

Chat with us for the low down on these packages:
(Hushabye Films:



See my packages above for photography costs and go check out for Jade’s packages and prices. 

Some rad moments

“Man does she hype up a crowd! From climbing on walls to getting everyone waving their napkins and giving us the rowdy entrance to our meal that we couldn’t ever have dream up!”

– Danielle & Connor

when we received our photos, it made us relive all the emotions on our day and after a few tearful, snotty and ugly laugh moments later I knew it was worth sharing how amazing and talented she is.

-Ruby & Phil Hainsby

I have been doing this job for a while now and have come across a fair few awesome people along the way. Check out our page of recommended suppliers – this page will come in handy for wedding planning!

on the side

I also photograph


The best way to capture your kids (and you!) is by letting them actually be kids. Running, climbing, hiding, getting grubby, puddle jumping, the list really is endless. But when doing all these things, they are smiling without even thinking about it. So this means I can get the most amazing, natural images of you all, just being you. Perfect eh!

A family session lasts up to 60 minutes and includes your choice of 10 digital images to download.



They stay so diddy and so still for such a very short amount of time. The newborn look is one that is easily forgotten, taken over by so many other amazing memories and milestones! I certainly know I can’t instantly picture what my two boys looked like when they first entered this world!

So what you need is a newborn shoot!

An intimate ‘lifestyle’ newborn shoot. A true reflection of life at home with your new baby. Much less emphasis on posing and more about you and your baby. Capturing moments like changing, cuddles, feeding, bathing and maybe a snooze! Not a posing cushion in sight. This session is available in the week and includes your choice of five digital images to download.



For some, pregnancies seem to go on forever, for others they fly. This may be your very first, or your second, third… either way, each pregnancy is special.

You’re growing a tiny human and in the grand scheme of things, nine months is a fraction of time. So it’s a lovely idea to have a maternity shoot to remember that time and your bump.

You can choose to have it by yourself, with your partner or with any other children you may have. The focus will be mainly on you and bump though and the session will last up to 45 minutes and include your choice of five digital images to download.

The sessions can be held in an outdoors location or in your home. Weekends are available but are very limited.