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Here goes... my engagement

It’s a tad odd writing about yourself, isn’t it. I’m so used to sharing other peoples wedding stories. But as the creator of many couples memories, I wanted share a few of my own with you.

It was Christmas Day, 2008. I was three months pregnant with our first child, so feeling on top of the world and looking forward to a great excuse to gorge on Christmas Day treats! We had the whole family on both sides sat around the table. Finally about to tuck in to Christmas dinner when Mark starts getting fidgety and looking a bit ill!

With 13 of us around the table, it had taken a while to get us all settled, when Mark starts to stand up. Before he gets a word out, I ask him ‘where are you going now, we’ve finally got us all sat down’! I suddenly notice how strange he’s behaving and ask him if he’s unwell. He replied ‘just give me a minute’. A few moments later, a few deep breaths and Mark drops to one knee with a ring box in hand… queue my time to go quite!

‘Will you marry me’ he asks and the silence breaks… now I’m blubbing, as are a number of family members. So much so that it takes five minutes or so for me to say yes! Not that there was any doubt of course!

I’m not an overly emotional lass, so I’m blaming the tears on the pregnancy hormones! But I can honestly say it was one of the most magical memories. That defining moment when you realise how much your partner really does love you. The commitment to marriage and the day I had dreamt of!

Being pregnant, we wanted to concentrate on becoming parents for the first time but we also knew we didn’t want a long engagement. Fast forward a year and wedding planning was under way. After visiting a few different venues to get comparisons and prices, we decided on Knebworth Barns. The grounds there were the winning factor for us.

Once the venue was booked, we started looking into suppliers. We met with our photographer and had a good chat over how we wanted our day capturing. I had my day with girls shopping for THE dress. For other aspects of the wedding, I was quite hands on with making my own invites, bouquet and table centre pieces. We did this mainly to save money… it had it’s pro’s and con’s. Pro’s were; it did save us money, my family and friends were involved in the process and it felt more personal. Con’s were; it took AGES, it cluttered every spare inch in our house and my hands bled from paper cuts and stapler injuries!


The big day!

Then we were at 17th July 2010 and I was peeing my pants with excitement! It was our wedding day… I was actually getting married! Mark had arranged a surprise for me… a vintage Rolls Royce! My freshly applied mascara was at risk!! The ride to the venue with my dad was pretty special, a memory that stays with me.

It passed in a flash. We took moments throughout the day to look around us and take it all in. We laughed till it hurt, danced till we dropped, drank until we couldn’t, snogged each others faces off and made the most amazing memories. The sun shone all day. We spooned our wedding cake (it was moose, we like to be different!). We slow danced to Glitter In The Air by Pink. I cracked out a surprise dance off with my maids to the unsuspecting groomsmen and our son Alfie stole the show at just 14 months old!

I wish I could do it all again and I wish my couples and all you others just as much happiness for your special day! Especially any who had a Christmas Day engagement! Here’s a few snaps of our wedding and then an anniversary shoot a few years on! Just look at the change in style.

Thank you to Andy and Craig for the awesome pictures.