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Newborn shoot sneak peeks - Welcome Ezra

I absolutely love doing my newborn shoots. Meeting new parents and snuggling with brand new bubba’s!


I hear so many wonderful stories (and some less serene ones!) but it’s all part of the journey of bringing your little one into the world and I find it so fascinating whatever the details.


I love the calmness of a newborn shoot. That’s not to say there isn’t crying and maybe a bit of poo here and there too! But there’s also the deep sleep, the snuffly noises and squeeks, the cute faces and the snuggled poses to capture. And all in the comfort of your own home.


Here’s Ezra, showing you just how calm and sleepy he can be…

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All my newborn shoots are done before baby gets to 14 days ‘new’. This helps the flow of the shoot immensely and allows the subtle poses to happen. Even a few days over, they start spending more time awake and therefore, need more time to settle.


Don’t worry about dry skin or scratches etc. Anything that shouldn’t be there can be edited out.


Ezra’s newborn shoot was gifted to mum and dad by family members. They bought a voucher from me which they gave to the couple as a congratualtions present. It’s such a wonderful gift to give.


They only stay this petite and sleepy for such a short period of time. It’s well worth capturing these precious moments.

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So, if you are currently carrying around a bump (congratulations!), or know someone who is, get in touch for information on newborn shoots.