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Hello big wide world!!

The best way to capture your kids (and you!) is by letting them actually be kids. Running, climbing, hiding, getting grubby, puddle jumping, the list really is endless. But when doing all these things, they are smiling without even thinking about it. So this means I can get the most amazing, natural images of you all, just being you. Perfect eh!

A family session lasts up to 60 minutes and includes your choice of 10 digital images to download.


Blink and it’s gone!

They stay so diddy and so still for such a very short amount of time. The newborn look is one that is easily forgotten, taken over by so many other amazing memories and milestones! I certainly know I can’t instantly picture what my two boys looked like when they first entered this world!

So what you need is a newborn shoot!


An intimate ‘lifestyle’ newborn shoot. A true reflection of life at home with your new baby. Much less emphasis on posing and more about you and your baby. Capturing moments like changing, cuddles, feeding, bathing and maybe a snooze! Not a posing cushion in sight. This session is available in the week and includes your choice of five digital images to download.


Prepare to get messy!

It’s a quirky, messy way to say happy first birthday to your little munchkin! Watch how they react to being let loose with a giant cake! Pray for the face dive. See their delight at being allowed to paint cake on their own legs. Finish off with bubbles and a wash down (and hope the sugar rush doesn’t last too long!)

The session is at my home address (Biggleswade), lasts approximately 30-45 minutes and includes your choice of five digital images to download.

£109 bring your own cake
I would happily 
recommend Bake-A-Lot for a giant cupcake for this shoot.