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Hey, I’m Nicki


Hey, I’m Nicki



If a shit tonne of laughs and genuine moments is your vibe, then I’m your gal!

If a shit tonne of laughs and genuine moments is your vibe, then I’m your gal!

Oi oi you loved up bunch! Thanks for dropping by. If you’ve got a minute or two, pour yourself a drink and have a read to find out what you’ll be letting yourself in for if you book me!

I went through many a job before getting to photography… I was an ice marshal, a lifeguard, an auxiliary nurse, bar staff, airline assistant (and so on)… told ya I’ve done a fair bit! I wasn’t running around with a camera as a kid, so there’s no cutesy story there but I’ve made up for it since I have picked one up and I am more than happy to run around with one now!

Over 15 years in and I’m still mad about you lot and your weddings. Like, can’t get enough of you! I’m all over being your hype girl all day, haven’t got an issue with being a taxi for friends or fixing dresses or cleaning up broken glass from the dance floor! Basically, if it helps you out, keeps you chilled and doesn’t make me miss some epic moments, I’m there for it.

I’m loud (when appropriate obvs!), I may drop the odd swear word (soz), I’m not a formal dresser (but won’t rock up in my sweats) and I love a shit joke! Candid, natural shots are my go to style. I’ll happily do some group shots but I’ll make sure they’re full of giggles. I pretty much make myself one of your guests, so I fit right in and get the best shots of you and your rabble.

I celebrate ALL love. Queer, non binary, straight, couples, throuples, you name it. If you’re saying I do, I wanna be a part of it. No judgement, just love. Nerdy, sexy, romantic, outrageous, shy, rebellious… whatever vibe you bring, I’ll match.

“Ask for forgiveness, not for permission”

I’m a rebel and a lover with ninja skills behind a camera. I generally ask for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to getting an epic shot for you. I don’t do overly posed, cringey kinda stuff, not my bag! I once got called a professional perv… took it as a huge compliment as they were referring to the fact that I got paid to take shots of people without being seen and was nailing the brief! I love tattoos and change my hair, a lot… boredom sets in and a new style happens… so I won’t be offended if you don’t say hi to me in the street as I often look different!

I live with my silver fox hubby who loves music and jumping out of perfectly good planes for fun, our two energetic and extremely loud boys (don’t know who they get that from) and our ginger dogs, Ronald and Shai. We are the house that hosts the parties, has the sleep overs and organises get togethers because we love being active and social (and I clearly like cleaning the house ten times a week!).

I’m sponsored by Enola Gaye (big deal here peeps!) – world famous smoke grenades… something to shout about right! But it’s not just me that gets to whoop whoop… you can too! You can get 10% off your order when you buy your smokes from… use the code killerfiller10.

A Few Facts about me

Yeah, I got guilty pleasures and bad habits like the rest of us…

Fries dipped in strawberry milkshake are heaven

Tea and coffee fuel me! A big mug of builders tea or a hazelnut latte are my go to’s.

I love a good night out. What’s not so good is the video evidence that often surfaces afterwards… who kept ordering the drinks, not me!

I can’t lie… I’m a lover of quiet nights in too! Cosy blanket, crap on the telly and a bar of chocolate!

Mice and rats scare the living shit out of me. I once jumped on the bonnet of a car to get away from one!

My go to pose for a picture is tongue out or fingers up. I don’t do formal well!

I can only cross one eye, not both! It’s an attractive look!

I class myself as multi-lingual – I can say ‘hello, my name is Nicki’ in French and German! Counts right?!

Our first dance was to Pink, then immediately after we had a dance off to Run-D.M.C!

“We couldn’t be happier, just fucking excellent!”

“We couldn’t be happier, just fucking excellent!”

– Emma and Sam

Let’s do this!

My Love Story

My Love Story

The quick edit!

  • I met my hubby on an 18-30’s holiday in Turkey
  • Travelled to some epic places… Cuba, Maldives, St Lucia, Chicago, New York
  • Enjoyed gigs and concerts
  • Moved in together after seven years
  • Had Alfie two years later
  • Got married the year after that 
  • Had Oli the year after the wedding
  • Got our first dog, Ronald in 2019 and our second dog, Shai in 2021
  • And the rest is history!

Sometimes I blog… if Aweseome wedding stories and epic photoshoots is something you like reading about, check out my scribblings!

Words to make my head bulge!

Thank you thank you thank you! The photos are insane. Your no.1 fan

Kayley and Bradie

We loved having you there, you made our day so much better.

-Pippa & Luke

We absolutely love them all, you’re so talented

-Kim & Jonjo

If you want a photographer who feels like a mate you've invited along that gets everyone having fun infront of the camera... Nicki is your gal!

-Danielle & Connor

Where did you learn those ninja skills because we didn't see you some times during the day yet you captured everything, everywhere!

-Hannah and Leigha

Everything looks so natural right down to the big belly laughs. You were an absolute rockstar, even just helping us out with things on the day and felt like part of our gang. You are so incredibly talented, it's sickening.

-Sarah and Adam

All our family and friends loved you, thank you so much for being our photographer, you are amazing

-Ruth and Hoi Yee

We absolutely love them, they’re amazing and you’re a superstar

-Marie and Ian

How you’ve managed to get such lovely photos out of two awkward people I’ll never know but am very grateful. Were we prepared for how incredible you were going to be… not one bit. It floored us

– Laura and Will

I’ve definitely done absolutely no work today and spent all my day looking through the photos over and over again

-Sarah and Alex

My god, so gorgeous, crying happy tears. Thank you so very much

-Elena and Charles

You truly outdid yourself, it’s magic

-MJ and David

Absolutely legendary photos. Unreal. Thank you

-Billie and Jamie

We couldn’t be happier, just fucking excellent!

-Emma and Sam

I’m still not over how lovely those pictures are, I now inadvertently worship your photographer.

-Guest of Emma and Sam

Oh wooooow! Just perfect. Everything we dreamed of. We are so bloody grateful

-Charlotte and Andy

I think my heart just exploded. I LOVE THEM!

-Rosie and Toby

Wow! Blown away. Laughed, cried, high five, they are amazing

-Rosie and Paul

I’ve started following your photographer because fuck me, they’re amazing and definitely booking them for my future wedding

-Guest of Rosie and Paul

Everyone loved you, including me. People went out of their way on the day to tell me how lovely the photographer was. I had no idea how my pictures would come out but I literally cried with happiness. I need another party so I can book you again

-Katie and Rob

Nicki Shea is your woman… best bloody day!

-Lauren and David

She keeps her eyes on the prize and if you let her do her thing, rest assured you’ll go home with the most beautiful memories. If you need a friend, confidence booster and crazy talented photographer… Nicki is the woman you want by your side

-Tanja and Chris

Thank you for being a great friend, so calming and helpful, pre, during and post wedding day. You truly made such a difference

-Paula and Luke

I wanted Nicki to be our photographer before we were even engaged. All our guests were obsessed. I want to have another wedding so she can come as a guest

-Catherine and Bryson