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Meet Nicki

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HEY! I‘m Nicki…

A few little bits of useless information about me to break the ice…

I know all the words to Run DMC – It’s Like That (yeah I’m cool!) and it was our first dance song!

I’ve ice skated with David Seaman when he was in Dancing On Ice all those years ago and I worked in the ice rink he practised in.

 Whoever invented flip flops is a genius. They are my go to footwear for most occasions, all year round!

 I smell EVERYTHING! Even if I know it’s going to be gross. It’s a weakness, I’m not proud!

 Mice and rats scare the living shit out of me. I once jumped on the bonnet of a car to get away from one!

 I’ll climb trees, lay on the floor, hang off bridges… all to get the perfect shot!

 I’m kinda hooked on hazelnut lattes, one a day jobby!

I have really baggy knees! 

 I love Lego, especially when it’s all in it’s right place (yup, Lord Business from the lego movie is my hero!)

I think confetti at a wedding is by far THE BEST part of the day (but the actual getting married part is pretty spesh too!)

 I love piercings and tattoos. One day I will get a sleeve done, when I can settle on a design.


On the day it didn’t feel like we were working with a wedding supplier, Nicki felt like someone you knew all your life. Her photos when we received them made us relive all the emotions on our day and after a few tearful, snotty and ugly laugh moments later I knew it was worth sharing how amazing and talented she is.

Ruby and Phil Hainsby

Nicki came to our house for a newborn shoot. What can we say? Nicki is an extremely talented photographer. She’s also a lovely lady with a brilliant sense of humour. She got the best out of our baby by playing and chatting away to her.

Lauren Hindley

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