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So, what do I need to know for my family lifestyle session?

Thank you for booking me to capture you and your lovely family doing what comes naturally to you… laughing, playing, running around, pulling faces, climbing trees… the usual!

I adore shooting in natural light, so outside is the place for me! The other huge benefit of having your family session out and about is that none of you are restricted to a small area. The big outdoors is yours to explore and I get to come along and capture it all. It allows you to concentrate on having fun, rather than sitting so close to a photographer that it is impossible to ‘act natural’ and forget you are being photographed!

Being outside means we get the challenges of the great British weather. Dry and bright are obviously a lot easier to work with but we can go ahead in all sorts of weather, overcast, frost, snow, drizzle… it all depends on what you’re looking for and the time of year you have your shoot. Jumping in puddles can be just as awesome as playing in the sunshine. For obvious reasons, if it’s complete downpour then we would need to reschedule as the ‘drowned rat look’ isn’t the best (plus I kinda like my expensive equipment and don’t fancy it taking a swim!). There is no charge for rescheduling a session and I will get you in a soon as possible, subject to availbility.

A question I am often asked is ‘what shall we wear?’ To be honest, there are no rules. I don’t believe you all need to be matching, or colour co-ordinated. The aim is to look back at pictures that make you smile and that are a true reflection of you. So dress the way you normally would. One thing to remember is location… if we are in a woods, don’t arrive in your Sunday best, it’s not going to work!

I will collect the payment from you on the day of the session, a £40 deposit is required to secure the booking. We will have up to 60 minutes to create some awesomeness! There are no opportunities for outfit changes but we do get to wander round various locations having lots of fun and stopping for the occasional ‘posed picture’.

Sessions will normally take place at Sandy RSPB, The Heath, Potton Rd, Sandy SG19 2DL – parking is £6 in loose change. Head in to the first car park on the left, a short distance down the main drive. Sessions can take place at other locations, travel charges may apply.

All of your images will be provided on a secure online gallery within about two weeks from the date of your session. Sneak peeks will be placed on my photography Facebook page, unless you advise otherwise.