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I’m a different breed

Not your bog standard ‘wedding photographer’

You found me, give yourself a pat on the back. Sit down, pour yourself a drink and take a butchers around my site to get to know me and my work… enjoy.

Capturing all those moments!

Capturing all those moments!

All 'Those'Moments

Capturing all those moments!

Capturing all those moments!

Life is too much fun to take it seriously, so you won’t find much structure or seriousness around here. If that’s your thing, perhaps bow out now. I won’t be rocking up all suited and booted, I may not be able to contain my potty mouth all day (sorry Nan!) but I will use all my photography ninja skills and get you banging shots from one hell of a day! I’ll make you giggle, fit right in with your friends and family, work bloody hard and even fix your veil when it slips.

My favourite wedding Jam is:

Seriously hard choice, but Mr Brightside at the end of the night is a seriously cool way to end an epic day.

My funniest wedding story:

 I mean, I can’t spill all the secrets but my gosh have I seen and heard some things! Helping a bride go to the loo was pretty hilarious (for both of us!) and don’t you worry, the camera was put down!


Weirdest thing I’ve photographed:

I think I look weird, rather than actually having photographed something weird. I photograph feet, umbrellas, hands, drinks, puddles… literally anything. I appreciate people will look at me and be like ‘what’s she doing’ but hey, it’s all memories from your day.

Happy People In Love!

Other moments I capture

Other Moments I capture

Along with wedding photography, I also offer:


Teeny tiny bubbas don’t stay little long. Newborn shoots snap a moment in time that you can’t get back. Forget posed babies on beanbags though, I’m all about capturing all of you together in your home… proper family life.


I know my kids don’t like being told to stand still and smile at a camera, so this is why the family lifestyle shoots are so awesome for your family shots. They’re all about being outside, running around together, laughing and being yourselves. Having buckets of fun with images to match.

Cake Smash

First birthdays are pretty spesh, so get the little one dressed up, crack out a giant cake and let them loose with it. Crumbs will fly, icing will paint their little faces and you’ll have some of the cutest pics going!

“Nicki felt like someone you knew all your life”

On the day it didn’t feel like we were working with a wedding supplier, Nicki felt like someone you knew all your life. Her photos when we received them made us relive all the emotions on our day and after a few tearful, snotty and ugly laugh moments later I knew it was worth sharing how amazing and talented she is.

Ruby and Phil Hainsby

the shots captured were natural and nothing felt forced

From start to finish Nicki was INCREDIBLE.  Everything was super relaxed, nothing felt overly formal or structured, which meant that the shots captured were natural and nothing felt forced.

Kym & Billy